Useful links

My codes

Arithmetic challenge - A code designed to help me brush up on my arithmetic for interviews with market making firms. Also my first python code.

Maximum Likelihood Estimator - A statistical technique used to probe multi-variate parameter spaces. An important part of such testing is to get a dense sample of the parameter space, however, as a result it is computationally expensive. This routine is written in C and Pthreads to allow a fast (and partially user controlled) evaluation of the parameter space.

Rockstar_to_P-groupfinder conversion - For those working with N-body simulations. I wrote this small wrapper to convert the output of ROCKSTAR to P-Groupfinder (to prevent changing all further analysis codes). This version wraps the ROCKSTAR executable, but the conversion routine has not been MPI'd yet so it becomes a bit of a resource waste (increasingly with more CPUs).


Website Design : Basics - The introductory session to the workshop. HTML5 and modern web-applications workshop - IBM service centre 2014.
Website usability - A short over-view of website usability. HTML5 and modern web-applications workshop - IBM service centre 2014.
General introduction to my research - Informal lunch talk at ASTRON. 2013.
The merger-times of high redshift dark matter halos - Cambridge University, IoA seminars 2010.
GPU-processing : Halo finding and analysis - Swinburne University, Gstar workshop 2010.

Groups and Affiliations

Serenitec, where I currently work on a variety of exciting data driven R&D projects.
Science & Technology Corporation, where I have worked on a variety of exciting R&D projects over the past few years.
ASTRON, Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy where I visited while finishing my Ph.D. and again to develop the software for the APERTIF telescope.
The Astronomical Observatory Belgrade where I worked for 3 months in 2012.
The Gravitational Astrophysics group - My old research group at the University of Sydney.